No is in the air...



MDC Merhaba Dub Collective is an experimental band project founded in 2013 with own compositions and own lyrics.

We are 4 musicians.

You find us on Amazon, Applemusic, GooglePlay, Youtube,  (...)



We live in eerie times (Alexander Kluge).

We see Gramsci`s monsters and Goya`s grotesque faces. 

But there is something new, something good.

Listen to "No", because this music is really good.





Ten songs have their own experimental video in Multispecter style. This is a video-concept of our filmmaker.

The videos were selected  from more than 55 Filmfestivals  around the world.

(16  Semi-Finalists,  5 Finalists and 6 Awards).

Sometimes a No is a good reason to grow.